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Choice Ensembles and Solo Artists

Solo Artists:

A. Guitar or Piano or Harp - classical, jazz, other *
B. Flute or Violin - classical or strolling (one hour is best)
C. Cello - classical (one hour is best)
D. Saxophone - jazz (one hour is best)

The Dom Pérignon Duo:

A. Flute and Guitar - classical, jazz and other *
B. Flute and Piano - classical, jazz and other *
C. Flute and Harp - classical and popular *
D. Flute and Cello - classical
E. Flute and Violin - classical

The Cristal Trio:

A. Flute Trio: Flute, Violin and Cello - classical and popular *
B. String Trio: Violin I, Violin II (or Viola) and Cello - classical *
C. Flute, Violin and Guitar - classical, jazz and other (hybrid) *
D. Flute, Violin and Piano - classical, jazz and other *
E. Piano Trio (Flute, Piano and Cello) - classical and popular *
F. Sax, Guitar and Bass - jazz and other *
G. Sax, Piano and Bass - jazz and other *
H. Flute, Guitar and Bass - classical, jazz and other
I. Flute, Guitar I and Guitar II - classical, jazz and other

The Moët et Chandon Quartet:

A. Flute Quartet: Flute, Violin, Viola & Cello - classical/popular *
B. String Quartet: Violin I, Violin II, Viola & Cello - classical *
C. Piano Quartet (Flute, Violin, Cello & Piano) - classical/popular *
D. Sax, Guitar, Bass & Drums - jazz and other *
E. Sax, Piano, Bass & Drums - jazz and other *

F. Flute, Violin, Guitar & Bass - classical, jazz and other
G. Flute, Violin, Guitar & Cello - classical and popular

* Most Requested Combination
Harp can be substituted for Guitar, Violin can be substituted for Flute, Small Chamber Orchestras are also available (with sufficient notice)

Before The Recital by Trent Gudmundsen
French Horn Art

Guidelines to follow when selecting a group

The listed ensembles work well when performing material suitable for their respective role. Please select the instrumentation that best matches your taste.

Classical groups add elegance and style to your affair. Classical musicians read formal written parts (just like symphony orchestra musicians). Classical ensembles work well for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, dinner music and high tea.

Jazz groups are less formal; they usually do not rely on written parts. Jazz “cats” like to improvise and every improvised solo is unique. Jazz groups work well for cocktail hours, receptions and nightclubs.

There is a third group, which performs classical, show tunes, jazz etc. (a kind of “hybrid” group). A good example of this is the flute, violin and guitar trio. This group uses unique arrangements of choice classical works. Their classical repertoire is not as extensive as traditional classical ensembles, but they can also perform many tunes with no written music. This “hybrid” group works well for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, and dinner music.