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Your Music Boutique

"Here's to good friends, beautiful music, and a great party"

Did we get your attention? That's right, think of Champagne Consort as your favorite "Music Boutique". We specialize only in quality experienced professional artists.

At a fine boutique you expect personalized service with an attention to detail - that's Champagne Consort.

The merchandise at a boutique is unique, well made, and hand crafted by artisans. The talent at Champagne Consort is special, our live music is heart felt and unique!

High-Fashion Custom-Fitted Musical Entertainment

A haute couture ("high sewing") creation is truly a work of art. A Champagne Consort creation is sophisticated, masterfully-performed musical-elegance. Your event is lovingly hand sewn with extreme attention to detail. We like to think of Champagne Consort as high-fashion custom-fitted musical entertainment.

The Flute Concert
Afternoon Tea

Share your good taste, we know your guests will appreciate your generosity.

Fun in a bridal gown

Our Music is Elegant and Fun